Issue #8

Hello CloudMakers!

🎉 Happy New Year! As we embark on this journey together, I wanted to center this edition of my newsletter around the theme of resolutions and new beginnings. As we all know, the start of a new year is the perfect time to set goals and establish plans for the months ahead. With that in mind, today I've compiled a selection of articles that offer practical advice and inspiration for setting and achieving your tech-related goals in the year ahead. I hope these readings will inspire you to make the most of the new year and set the stage for a productive and successful future. 🥂

Today we shall see:

  • motivation, inspiration and tips for getting started in writing technical articles

  • a huge collection of resources for getting started (or improving) in your role as an engineering manager

  • 5 must-watch CNCF Projects for 2023


A Software Developer’s Guide to Writing

As a developer, writing technical articles is an often undervalued activity that is nevertheless extremely important. Not only does it allow you to deepen your understanding and knowledge of a particular topic, but it also gives you the opportunity to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas with others in the industry. Personally, I have come to realize the importance of writing technical articles in my own growth as a professional. It has helped me to become a better architect by forcing me to thoroughly research and articulate my thoughts on various subjects. In short, writing technical articles is a crucial aspect of any developer's learning and professional development.

Not sure where to start? This insightful article is full of very useful suggestions and inspiring tips!

Engineering Management: a collection of inspiring resources

Do you foresee a promotion to engineering manager this year? Whether you are new to the role or have been in management for a while, this resource library is filled with valuable information and tools to help you succeed in your position. Books, newsletters, videos, articles, podcasts, movies (!)... From leadership development to project management, it's got you covered. These resources will be especially useful for engineers who have recently transitioned to management, as they provide a strong foundation for navigating the unique challenges and opportunities that come with this role. However, even those who have been in management for some time will find plenty of value in these materials, as there is always more to learn and discover when leading and developing a successful engineering team.

5 New CNCF Projects To Watch In 2023

As we look ahead to the new year, it's always exciting to see what's on the horizon in the world of technology. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is a crucial player, driving the development and adoption of open-source tools and technologies. In this article, the author highlights five CNCF projects that he thinks are worth keeping an eye on in 2023.

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