Issue #6

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Today we shall see:

  • Infrastructure from Code: game-changer or a new buzzword?

  • the transition to engineering management can be difficult and requires sacrifices, but can also provide opportunities for personal and professional growth

  • strategic test automation requires a deep understanding of testing tools and a careful selection of the right types of tests

  • BONUS: Kubernetes Architect shared my article!

As the winter holiday season approaches, I want to extend my warmest greetings and well wishes to everyone. I understand that this time of year can be difficult for some people, and I want to express my support and understanding to anyone who may be struggling. I hope that you are able to find joy, comfort, and connection during this time, and I offer my sincere best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.


The Current State of Infrastructure From Code

In recent weeks, I happened to see several articles shared around about a new approach called "Infrastructure from code" (yes, it is different from "Infrastructure as code") and some people asked me about it. But what is it?

Infrastructure from Code (IfC) is a way to manage a cloud infrastructure in which the necessary resources are automatically determined and provisioned based on the requirements inferred from the application's logic, rather than being manually specified using low-level, control-plane specific instructions. Some say this approach represents the next step in the evolution of cloud computing.

This approach is potentially game-changing, but it certainly raises new questions about infrastructure's maintainability over time, developers' cognitive overload, and governance, especially in large enterprises.

This article describes benchmarks of some of IfC's products as well as points to some links for more general thoughts. Further insights can be read here.

What you give up when moving into engineering management

I found this article very interesting, especially for those who are at a crossroads regarding the future of their career path and are not sure what to expect.

Transitioning from an individual contributor role to a management position can be challenging and requires a willingness to take risks and step outside one's comfort zone. In this article, the author discusses the sacrifices that may need to be made when moving into engineering management, based on their own experience and the insights of other professionals who have gone through this transition. The article encourages those considering a management path to carefully consider their skills and strengths before making the move.

Test Automation Strategy

Effective test automation is essential for teams that aim to deliver high-quality software quickly, but a strategic approach is necessary to ensure success. A range of different types of automated tests can be used to achieve various goals, and selecting and implementing the right combination is crucial for building reliable software. Despite its benefits, test automation is often met with scepticism in the industry, making it important to understand the tools and strategies available to get it right.

BONUS: How to expose multiple applications on Amazon EKS with a single Application Load Balancer

Last week, Kubernetes Architect shared one of my articles on how to expose multiple applications to Amazon EKS with a single Application Load Balancer. I received a remarkable response and I was very happy to share knowledge with a larger audience! If you are curious, this is my article which also contains the link to the GitHub repo with the code.

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