Issue #5

Hello CloudMakers!

Today we shall see:

  • one of the best and most detailed articles on digital transformation

  • a comparison of traditional SQL databases with a graph database, and what problems can it solve

  • yet another AI tool... this time, translating English to RegEx!


Digital Transformation: The Why, Who, How, and What

From AWS Enterprise Strategy Blog, a must-read four-part blog series that covers the why, who, how, and what of digital transformation and explains why it is important for organizations. They share where they have seen others struggle and what best practices can be used to ensure digital transformation succeeds in an organization.

NebulaGraph database case study

In the database world, graph databases are a relatively recent idea. They are most known for their capacity to manage relational data, including connections between individuals, groups, and objects. Complex interactions between things are well suited for graphs, and graph databases can be used to model complex data across a wide range of areas.

A comparison between a graph database and its more established sibling, the relational database, is the best approach to comprehend the power of using a graph database.


RegEx are hard to write and comprehend. Do you ever dream of expressing your needs in plain English and seeing them translated to RegEx (and/or vice-versa)? There you are! This website uses artificial intelligence to automate this task by translating back and forth between English and RegEx.

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