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  • Let's make Cloud #40: FinOps and Automation, The Human Side of Public Speaking, Event-routers and brokers in AWS

Let's make Cloud #40: FinOps and Automation, The Human Side of Public Speaking, Event-routers and brokers in AWS

FinOps and Automation, The Human Side of Public Speaking, Event-routers and brokers in AWS

Hello CloudMakers!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the delay in sending out today’s newsletter. This week, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Amazon’s offices in Seattle, thanks to the Global Summit of AWS Ambassadors. It was an amazing networking experience, meeting people from all around the world! Additionally, one of the offices, the Spheres, is truly breathtaking. Imagine a massive greenhouse with over 40,000 plants from 2,500 different species from across the globe. Can you imagine how relaxing and rejuvenating it would be to work in such an environment?

Given that recent events have been centered around networking, I’d like to underscore its significance by showcasing three articles written by individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting personally.

So, today we shall see:

  • FinOps and Automation

  • The Human Side of Public Speaking

  • Event-routers and brokers in AWS


FinOps and Automation

In cloud computing, understanding best practices and strategies is key. I’m introducing an article by my good friend Erik on FinOps and Automation. He explores the role of FinOps in our digital era and highlights the need to integrate these practices within an automated management framework using tools such as scripts and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). By leveraging these tools, organizations can achieve financial efficiency and operational agility.

The human side of publick speaking

Next up, we have a deeply personal and insightful piece by Davide, someone I have the honor of knowing personally. While many articles offer technical tips on public speaking, Davide takes a different approach by exploring the human emotions and vulnerabilities that come with stepping onto a stage for the first time. This candid reflection is a testament to the fact that embracing our humanity can be as crucial as mastering the content. Especially in a world where the emotional side is often brushed under the carpet, particularly by men, Davide’s openness serves as a refreshing perspective.

Event-routers and brokers in AWS

Lastly, we have an article from Jimmy, an AWS Ambassador I met in Seattle. AWS provides a variety of event-routers and brokers for service communication. Jimmy delves into this topic, focusing on tools such as Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon EventBridge, and AWS IoT Core. He examines the unique capabilities of each, catering to different messaging patterns and use cases.

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