Issue #13

Understanding what to test and why, measuring Core Web Vitals for better user experience, writing network policies with a visual editor

Hello CloudMakers!

I’m super excited to share that my talk about blue/green release strategy has been selected for Incontro DevOps Italia (DevOps Summit Italy)! As a speaker at this prestigious event, I will have the opportunity to share my insights, experiences and ideas with a wide audience and to network with other professionals in the field. For anyone local and interested, you can find more info at the following link, and I can send you a special discount code if you like to make your way to Bologna!

And now, back to business! Today we shall see:

  • understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ in test automation

  • start measuring Core Web Vitals and focusing on real-world user experience

  • a visual network policy editor for Kubernetes pods


You are probably testing wrong

The uncomfortable truth: testing is often seen as a chore, something that slows down the development process and takes away valuable time from coding. Or, in best cases, as just a technical task that needs to be done to tick a box before release.

But the reality is, to really get the most out of test automation, you need to understand what you're testing and why. In this article, the author will dive deep into the core concept that lies at the heart of successful testing: understanding your application. He'll show you how a clear understanding of what you're testing and why can take your testing game to the next level and help you build better software. So, if you're ready to learn the key to successful test automation, read on.

Start Measuring Core Web Vitals using AWS CDK and CloudWatch RUM

As a web developer, you understand the significance of providing a fast and seamless user experience. To help with this, Google has introduced Core Web Vitals - a set of metrics that measure the speed and user experience of a website. In this blog post, the author takes you through the details of incorporating Core Web Vitals into your development projects, with real code examples using AWS CDK and Cloudwatch RUM.

A Visual Network Policy editor

The implementation of network policies in Kubernetes is an important aspect of cluster security and isolation. A visual editor makes the process of configuring network policies much easier and intuitive, allowing you to easily see and understand the rules you are setting up. Give it a try!

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