Issue #11

Hello CloudMakers!

Today we shall see:

  • 🐬 managing and visualising complex data task dependencies with Apache DolphinScheduler

  • 🐢 navigating your K8s cluster with Caretta: a lightweight and efficient open-source tool

  • 🚀 free ebook: "Security as Code - DevSecOps patterns with AWS"

  • 👩‍💻 a collection of CLI tools for fun and profit


Deploy the serverless Apache DolphinScheduler task scheduling system on AWS

Apache DolphinScheduler is a tool for managing complex data task dependencies in data warehouse ETL, offline, and real-time computing. Unlike other scheduling tools like Apache Airflow and Step Function, DolphinScheduler offers a visually integrated management interface for monitoring the health status of tasks. This article provides a deployment plan using EKS Fargate container service and Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL database on the AWS platform and it gives detailed deployment steps and a maintenance guide.

Navigate your way to production bliss with Caretta

Introducing Caretta, an open-source tool designed to help you understand and navigate your Kubernetes cluster. With Caretta, you can easily map your cluster and understand the communication paths and trails forged by different workloads. It uses eBPF technology to provide a lightweight and frictionless experience, making it an ideal solution for those who are looking for a minimalistic and efficient way of monitoring their cluster. Caretta allows you to collect data in the form of raw Prometheus metrics or integrate it into your Grafana dashboard using pre-built panels, making it easy to understand and use the data collected.

Free ebook: Security as Code

O'Reilly Media and NGINX offer a free ebook to learn how to implement a comprehensive DevSecOps strategy. This guide will teach you how to integrate security early into your development process using cloud infrastructure on AWS. The ebook covers:

  • techniques for creating consistent app security through the use of templates and declarative code

  • setting up infrastructure as code and running scans to detect misconfigurations in your code

  • the key roles that a DevSecOps team should have

  • best practices for securing your AWS environment and Amazon EKS cluster, with step-by-step instructions for implementing security as code within the CI/CD pipeline

This ebook is an interesting resource for anyone looking to improve their DevSecOps practices and keep their applications secure. You can download your free copy from the NGINX website.

CLI tools you won't be able to live without 🔧

I'm not particularly fond of listicles (list + articles: apparently this is a thing, and as a non-native English speaker I find this word amusing), but sometimes they can be useful: for example, we frequently use the terminal and there are many useful command-line interface (CLI) tools that can enhance our experience by making tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable. I found some tools in this list very useful, but my favourite is the very first: thefuck, because, well.

Check the list and let me know if you've found something useful!

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