Issue #1

Hello CloudMakers!

Today we shall see:

  • a very popular post on the equally popular discussion on Platform Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and the cognitive load required to operate on modern cloud platforms

  • a way to bootstrap infrastructure with Helm charts, keeping versions updated

  • a powerful CLI with a huge set of autocomplete


Platform Engineering, DevOps, and Cognitive Load: a Summary of Community Discussions

Over the past years, we’ve seen a lot of discussions about how to reduce cognitive load as developers work. The questions vary from project to project, person to person, team to team and even from project to platform. In this blog post, Matt Campbell summarizes some of these discussions.

Stop cloning helm charts! Enough!

In this article, Andrii Abramov demonstrates how he bootstraps infrastructure using helm charts without actually downloading the chart source code, and how he makes sure helm charts are kept up to date in VCS without having to fetch the code.

The next-generation command line

The command line can be daunting for individuals and for collaborative teams. Fig integrates with every major terminal, shell, and IDE!

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